sábado, 1 de agosto de 2009

new writers comp

  1. your medoll will apper at the TOP of 'my accounts' list in the pages news and free stuff. this means that every one who see the blog will se your doll and probably visit her.
  2. You will be a writer in the news and free stuff sections, and you can put your name at the bottom of the post so every can see that you write it.
What it takes:
  1. You need to be aware of the latest stardoll news and free stuff.
  2. Your job is to write about stardoll news. Also you will write about some cool suites that you see and stardoll glitches and mistakes. You can put some styling outfits on the blog.
How the competition works:
  1. The first stage is inscriptions so you should write you stardoll name in this post so i can know you want to participate.
  2. The first day of the contest i will put a chalenge. You have 24 to complete the chalenge.
  3. The next day i will announce who is the winner and that winner is save for elimination. Also i will put some of the results and advices for the losers of the previuos chalenge.
  4. Right after i announce the winner i will make a poll with you names on it. You should tell all your friend to vote because the 2 people with the less amount of votes will be called up for elimination. You have 24 hours before the poll is closed.
  5. After the 24 hours i will look at the poll and decide who will not be a writer of my blog.
  6. After that i will start other competition until i have my writer
So put your names in this post if you want to be my new writer!

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  1. Hey! I like imagirl589 very much!! She is super!!I think she is The first on Stardoll !!! I'm her friend on Stardoll, I'm happy for Imagirl589!!! Imagirl589 = a beautiful girl!!
    ten thousands for Imagirl589!!!<3